INTERACTIVE THEATER FOR SOCIAL CHANGE  

A Call to Conscience (c2c) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 theater collective that uses a multimedia format to dramatize historical themes dealing with the struggles of the oppressed. Using speeches, essays, and adaptations we highlight transformative events that evoked change and the various architects and leaders that helped to create them.

“Our mission is to stir the conscience of our community and facilitate

social change.”


c2c offers workshops for adults, as well and middle and high school students, where the participants become familiar with iconic events and contributors in the fields of history, literature, art, music, and politics that emphasize social change.  The facilitators are trained in the dramatic arts. Single presentations can be adapted to the clients’ requests and are designed to meet the Common Core Standards of English and Language Arts set by the Missouri Department of Education.


A Call to Conscience  P.O. Box 78156  Saint Louis, MO  63178-8


The Three Not So Little Pigs, written by Linda Jo Smith, is a familiar story that addresses issues of bullying while celebrating the importance of education and positive environmental practices.  The Three Not So Little Pigs is an entertaining experience for the children and adults 

followed by a discussion and Q&A.

Justice Too Long Delayed: 

A Celebration of Letter From Birmingham Jail

April 15-16, 2016 

8 p.m.

Missouri History Museum

 A multimedia dramatization with spoken word narratives, music, dance and slides depicting the Civil Rights and the Black Lives Matter Movements. Excerpts from the “Letter” are interspersed with spoken word poetry based on contributions from the students from the SIUE Black Theater Workshop under the direction of Fannie Lebby, Artistic Director of A Call to Conscience, Kathryn Bentley, Director of SIUE’s Black Theatre Workshop and.   choreographer Vivian Watt completes the theatrical experience that will be both entertaining and insightful.

Your support helps us to present workshops and performances in area schools and throughout the community.

Unsung Voices of Black St. Louis

Percy Green reminded us elders and inspired the young actors about the events of the 60s and 70s and he urged us that we must continue to "raise hell."  From the left of Mr. Green: Linda Nance, Thomasina Clarke, Linda Smith, and Fannie Lebby.

A Call to Conscience Writers Workshop

The group will be led by selected writers.

Email c2c4socialchange@gmail.com

for information


2012   I’ve Been to the Mountaintop: Readers Theater                  in Five Voices, St. Louis Public Library, Schlafly                   Branch.

2013    I’ve Been to the Mountaintop: Readers Theater in               Four Voices, St. Louis Public Library, Carpenter                  Branch.

2013    Out from the Shadows:A Tribute to Bayard Rustin,             Missouri History Museum.

2014  Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed film screening                  and a time-line dramatization of unethical medial                experimentation followed by a panel of medical and            legal professionals, Missouri History Museum

2014  The Arts and Its Influence on the Civil Rights                      Movement and Beyond: Film Screening: Fruitvale              Station. Time-line performed dramatizing                            occasions of police brutality, followed by a panel of            arts educators and activists, St. Louis Public                       Library, Central Auditorium.

2015   Unsung Voices of Black St. Louis, Missouri                     History Museum.

2016   Justice Too Long Delayed: Celebration of                     Letter From Birmingham Jail, Missouri History               Museum