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About Us

A Call to Conscience (c2c) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) theater collective that uses a multi-media format to dramatize historical themes dealing with the struggles of the oppressed. Using speeches, essays, and adaptations we highlight transformative events that evoked change and the various architects and leaders that helped create them.


c2c offers workshops for adults, as well as middle and high school students, where the participants become familiar with iconic events and contributors in the fields of literature, art, music, and politics that emphasize social change. The facilitators are experienced art educators. Single presentations are tailored to the clients’ requests and are designed to meet the Common Core Standards of English and Language Arts set by the Missouri Department of Education.


c2c utilizes traditional and readers theater with talk backs included in the performance format. Other unique interactive activities are film screenings/forums, storytelling, workshops and open rehearsals that uplifts the consciousness of the audience and the performers that illustrates the role they play in the social and historical context of today. The workshops and performances are alternative learning vehicles that leave the participants and the audiences with a bigger sense of history, community, and world citizenry.  


A Call to Conscience  P.O. Box 78156  Saint Louis, MO  63103-2609

[email protected]


2012 2012 I’ve Been to the Mountaintop: Readers Theater in Five Voices.

St. Louis Public Library, Schlafly Branch

2013 I’ve Been to the Mountaintop: Readers Theater in Four Voices.

St. Louis Public Library, Carpenter Branch

2013 Out From the Shadows:A Tribute to Bayard Rustin Missouri History Museum.

2014 Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed Film Screening. Timeline drama of unethical human experiments; panel discussion. Missouri History Museum.

2014 Film Screening: Fruitvale Station.  Timeline dramatizing police brutality; panel discussion. St. Louis Public Library. Central Auditorium.

2015 Unsung Voices of Black St. Louis. A tribute to African Americans who led in the areas of business, education, medicine, culture and civil rights. Missouri History Museum.

2016 Justice Too Long Delayed: Celebration of Letter From Birmingham Jail

A collaboration with SIUE’s Black Theater Workshop enhanced with spoken word, narratives, and scenes illustrating the relevance of the text in the current social/political context. 

Missouri History Museum.

2017 I've Been to the Mountaintop: Readers Theater in Five Voices. Washington Tabernacle/Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church.

2017 The Price of the Ticket film screening/panel discussion. 

St. Louis Public Library, Schlafly Branch

2017 The T.D. McNeal Story: From Servitude to Civil Rights.  Missouri History Museum.

Co-founder/Executive Director, Writer, 

Linda Jo Smith, 

has a Bachelor of Science degree from Howard University and retired from for the St. Louis Public Library where she is known for presenting high quality, community-based programming.

Co-founder/ Artistic Director, Performer, Fannie Belle Lebby

a former St. Louis Black Rep actor, has a Masters degree in Theatre/Cinema from Texas Southern 

University firmly believes that the arts are essential in the effort to bring about social change. 


Co-founder, Linda M. Nance holds Bachelor degrees in Sociology and Psychology from Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri.  Linda M. Nance is also a graduate of The Institute’s Graduate Education & Research (TIGER) Program sponsored by the Regional Arts Commission. 

The Founders are graduates of the Regional Arts Commission’s Community Arts in Training 

(CAT) Institute.  

LaVelle Wilkins-Chinn, Dramaturg, Creative Consultant, has thirty-plus years of

performing arts experience with several St. Louis theatre companies and writes under the nom de plume, Loue Chinn. She has been a participant of the Hurston-Wright and Callaloo writing conferences and is currently she’s scribbling out a novel. 

Thomasina Clarke, Production Manager

juggles several passions at the same time.  Thomasina has crossed paths with Lee Patton Chiles over many years and was the 2008 Kevin Kline nominee for “Best Supporting Actress” in Gitana’s production of COMPLACENCY OF SILENCE: DARFUR.

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Dwayne Bosman
Willyetta Carter
Ira Jones
Fannie Lebby
Shirley LeFlore
Linda Nance
Linda Smith
Joan Suarez